Internship grants

Are you going to do an internship abroad?

Then you are probably considered an internship allowance. The best known is the Erasmus scholarship. This scholarship is available for students wishing to do an internship within the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Turkey.

In addition to the Erasmus grant, there are dozens of other scholarships that you can apply for. Wilweg has a search engine, with which you can search by country for specific grants. Click here to see what scholarship applies to your situation.

Handy to know

If you are going to fulfill an internship abroad, you can get a monthly public transport fee of € 89,07. You can not make use of your student public transport card when you are abroad.

Does the old system for scholarships still applies to you? Then you can even receive a higher fee: the non-resident scholarship. You can arrange the non-resident scholarship at the same time with your student public transport card if going abroad.

Read more about this on the website of DUO.