Housing abroad

Finding a suitable accommodation abroad may be as difficult as finding a work placement abroad sometimes. We advice you to start in time with searching. In some cases, the company where you work/fulfil an internship is able to offer a living space. This is always mentioned in the vacancy.

To help you get started with searching for housing abroad we listed a few handy websites below.

  • EasyKamer has rooms in 29 countries. If you have a room to rent you can possibly place a free ad.
  • With a network of more than one million members in nearly 60.000 cities CouchSurfing helps you with finding accommodation abroad.
  • Craigslist provides usefull information about housing abroad. Besides that it rents houses in multiple countries.
  • The website of Erasmate offers many rooms in Europe.
  • The website of sublet offers (student)rooms, apartments and houses in America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

If you can not find anything, We gladly help you with finding a suitable accommodation abroad. We will do our best, but can not guarantee anything .

If you couldn't find housing right before departure, there is nog need to worry. You can temporarily book a cheap hotel or hostel and from there on look for a suitable accommodation.

Offer your own room for rent

When you go temporarily abroad, you can rent your own room. This of course creates more earnings when you are staying abroad. On the website of HousingAnywhere and Rooms in Netherlands you can offer your own room.