Apply for visa

In Europe

Do you want to work in Europe? Then in general you need a visa. As a European citizen you have the right to freely study, work and live in the European Union. A valid passport or identity card is sufficient.

In some countries, (for example, Croatia) however, a complementary visa is required. More information about this you can find at the Embassy or Consulate concerning the country of destination.

Outside Europe

Do you want to study, work or live outside the EU? Then it is necessary to apply for a visa. You are yourself responsible for applying to the appropriate visa in time. Please note that applying for a visa may take several weeks or months.

For which visa should I apply?

Check with the consulate of the country you want to check which visa is applicable to your situation. The government has contact details with Embassies and Consulates from several countries.

Read useful tips on Wilweg. They provide information about each country including cultural differences, housing abroad, financing and formalities.

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