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How do we work ?

Worldwide Placements is a mediation agency that tries to bring demand and supply together . In case of a match between buyer and provider, an agreement will be made between these two parties. In addition to matching purchasers and providers, we will do our best to provide free support to other questions concerning applications, visa, housing, becas, et cetera. As a mediation agency we are not responsible for the correct compliance of the commitments which are agreed in the contract between buyer and provider, such as agreements about working hours, compensations, geographical flexibility, internship goal, behaviour during working hours and potential termination. However, you can always call on us when the procedure is not progressing as desired. It belongs to our service to offer appropriate solutions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, so you know what your rights and obligations are when you make use of the service.

Article 1 – Applicability.

1.1 This page describes the terms and conditions which are applicable for the website and the services ((as defined below)) of www.worldwide-placements.com. These general terms and conditions apply to any offer, proposition, the provided service and agreement between Worldwide Placements (hereinafter referred as: Worldwide Placements), contractor and the employer;

1.2 Only the conditions of Worldwide Placements apply, no other conditions are valid of the party with whom the Agreement is agreed, no other conditions are valid of the party with whom the Agreement is agreed;

1.3 Deviations from these general conditions are only valid if expressly agreed in writing;

1.4 If one or more provisions in these terms and conditions at any time wholly or partially are void or could be destroyed, then it remains in these General terms and conditions fully applied. Parties will then discuss new stipulations replacing the void and destroyed to agree upon, whereby as much as possible the purpose and purport of the original provisions will be observed;

1.5 If uncertainty exists regarding the interpretation of one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions, then the interpretation must take place ‘in the spirit’ of these provisions;

1.6 If a situation arises between parties which are not listed in these terms and conditions is regulated, then this situation should be assessed to the spirit of these General terms and conditions;

1.7 The general terms and conditions are available on the website: http://www.worldwide-placements.com.

Article 2 – Definitions.

2.1 Definitions of terms used by Worldwide Placements.

Service(o): internship/graduation placement mediation, traineeshipmediation, workmediation.

Contractor: student, trainee and (periodic) employee.

Employer: an organization or person which posts a vacancy on the website of Worldwide Placements, with the intention to become a contractor. The employer shall at all times provide for appropriate and adequate supervision of the contractor. Worldwide Placements is not responsible for the contractual arrangements made between the employer and the contractor. This includes agreements made about working hours, compensations, geographical flexibility, (práctica estudiante)targets, behaviour during working hours and potential termination.

Student/Intern: student/Intern means; a person enrolled as a student at a by the Dutch Ministry of E & S approved course and who has applied via Worldwide Placements for an internship. For foreign students, it is important that the student is registered for a course which in the country of origin is recognized.

Trainee: trainee means (young) professional who is in training at an organization in order to improve his or her competences.

Employee: a person who applied via Worldwide Placements for holidaywork.

Supervisor: a supervisor within the organization which, supports the trainee or jobseeker during the internship, traineeship of holidayjob.

Internship placement: learning placement within an organization.

Prácticas: part of a recognized course whereby practical experience is gained at an organization or institution, not to be confused with a part-time job or a full-time job.

Graduation placement: lugares aprendizaje(placement)placement at an organization whereby the student in command of the organization carries out an essay or research.

Graduation assignment: a compulsory scientific essay or research that is part of a recognized course, with which the student can achieve graduation points.

Traineeship: a program in which the trainee will have the opportunity to be involved with different functions and to get know the organization. Coaching, working and learning is central during a traineeship.

Holidayjob: holiday work or periodic work against payment performed by students or other persons, hereby to name employee.

Vacancy: an unfulfilled internship, graduation placement or holidayjob within an organization for which the employer is a contractor and looking for.

Match: there is a match when an agreement is reached between the contractor and the employer

Agreement: arrangements made between the contractor and the employer. The agreements must be confirmed in writing b. m. o. signature.

Sitio web: the website of Worldwide Placements, on://www.worldwide-placements.com, and all other child pages.

Worldwide Placements: Mediation agency which offers advices, information and mediation between the contractor and employer, for the purpose to realize contracts between both parties, the contractor and employer. Worldwide Placements, is a partnership under name of partnership Wwp Talent, in business at (7621 VX) Borne, at Egelantierstraat 2. The CHAMBER of commerce number is 65158504.

Wwp Talent: the partnership, whereby the trade name worldwide-include placements.com includes. Wwp Talent partnership. has besides worldwide-placements.com one trade name; wwptalent.nl. An online vacancywebsite focused on the Dutch market.

External organisations: Global service providers which Worldwide Placements advises the contractor as an additional service. This includes providers of housing, visa, scholarships and other organizations that can add value for the contractor with respect to the service. The contractual conditions, including payments and other matters, are individual agreements between the contractor and the external organization which is in no way visible to Worldwide Placements and for which Worldwide Placements in no way bears responsibility.

Requisitos de calidad: requirements imposed on the employer with regard to the service. The quality requirements must be accepted before a vacancy can be placed. The quality requirements differ from each service and are listed on the website.

Article 3 – Agreement

3.1 The general terms and conditions are part of the agreement;

3.2 In case of the contractor there is an agreement with Worldwide Placements if the instruction is met and this is confirmed by the contractor in writing .b.m.o. signature;

3.3 In case of employers and other parties there is an agreement when placing a vacancy. The employer must before the placement agree with the by Worldwide Placements established quality standards and ( and users of use) conditions.

3.4 All quotations and offers are without obligation, unless in the quotation a period for acceptance has been added. If no acceptance term is stated, can the quote or offer in any way any entitlement if the product on which the offer or the offer relates in the meantime is no longer available;

3.5 Worldwide Placements can't be held to her quotes or offers; if the client can reasonably understand that the bids or offers, or any part thereof, a mistake or error includes;

3.6 The in a quotation or mentioned prices are exclusive turnover tax turnover(tax) and other levies imposed by the government, possibly expenses made within the scope of the agreement, including travel- and stay costs, shipping - and administration costs , unless otherwise indicated;

3.7 If the acceptance (whether or not on subordinate points) differs from the in the offer or the offer included supply, than Worldwide Placements shall not be bound by it. The agreement is not in accordance with this deviating acceptance, unless Worldwide Placements indicates otherwise;

3.8 A compound quotation does not oblige Worldwide Placements to perform part of the assignment against a corresponding part of the specified price. Offers and tenders shall not apply automatically to future orders;

3.9 Worldwide Placements, will execute the agreement to best insight and capacity and in accordance with the requirements of good craftsmanship;

3.10 Worldwide Placements has the right to have certain work done by third parties. The applicability of article 7:404, 7:407 clause 2 o 7:409 The Dutch civil is expressly excluded;

3.11 The contractor shall ensure that all information, which Worldwide Placements indicates that these are necessary or of which the Contractor should reasonably understand that they are necessary for the execution of the agreement, be provided in due time with Worldwide Placements. If the data required for the implementation of the agreement are not provided timely to Worldwide Placements, Worldwide Placements has the right to suspend implementation of the agreement. The execution period shall not commence earlier than after the Contractor passed on de data to Worldwide Placements available. Worldwide Placements is not liable for damages, of any kind, due to Worldwide Placements is assumed by the Contractor provided incorrect and / or incomplete information;

3.12 Worldwide Placements is entitled to suspend the fulfilment of the obligations or to dissolve the agreement, if the Contractor does not meet obligations of the agreement, or not fulfil in timely, after the conclusion of the agreement;

3.13 In addition, Worldwide Placements is authorized to dissolve the agreement if circumstances arise of such a nature that fulfilment of the obligations becomes impossible or if otherwise circumstances occur that are of unaltered maintenance that the agreement cannot reasonably be taken Worldwide Placements;

3.14 If Worldwide Placements moves to suspension or dissolution, he is in any way liable for damages and costs which arise thereby.

Article 4 – Procedure

4.1. The employer registers or logs in as a user. And then has the opportunity to create a company profile and post vacancies. Several data can be released to Worldwide Placements, such as; company name, number of employees, address details, line of business and personal data of the contact person. If the employer posts a vacancy it agrees to the quality requirements maintained by Worldwide Placements;

4.2 The contractor can without having to register see and apply to the vacancies listed on the website of Worldwide Placements. The application starts with filling in the application form, which is displayed below every vacancy. Before the contractor can send the application the contractor must confirm that he has read and understood the terms and, agrees with all provisions of the terms and conditions, before he officially accepts. Any questions arising from the general terms and conditions can be asked by e-mail via info@worldwide-placements.com;

4.3 The contractor bears the responsibility for correctly and truthfully filling out the application form. Changes may be made by e-mail via info@worldwide-placements.com;

4.4 If the application material is not enough, incomplete or not usable, Worldwide Placements will inform the contractor. Where possible, both parties will together improve the material. It is Worldwide Placements allowed to convert the application material in a format and carry out minor adjustments;

4.5 If the contractor has sent the application, this will be received by Worldwide Placements. Worldwide Placements uses the information of the application to present the contractor to the employer. The contractor shall only be proposed to the employer of the company in which the contractor has applied for. Los (personal )data will be in accordance with the privacy statement of Worldwide Placements and the applicable law- and regulations are stored and processed;

4.6 The employer determines whether or not the contractor will be invited for an interview. This usually happens via Skype or telephone. The contractor is responsible for the interview. Worldwide Placements can therefore in no way be held responsible for not reaching an agreement between the employer and the contractor;

4.7 If an agreement is reached between the employer and the contractor the the mediation has succeeded. The mediation costs will be charged to the contractor;

4.8 Services of Worldwide Placements are provided for persons who at the startdate of the service have an age of 18 years. Persons have not reached the age of 18 yet, need a permission from a parent or guardian, that has to peresonally contact Worldwide Placements. The application, the agreement and payment are in this case in consultation with the parent or guardian.

Article 5 – Payment

5.1 All quotes, including offers, of Worldwide Placements are non-binding, unless expressly stated otherwise;

5.2 For the use of some parts of our service a fee is due. The amount of fees is listed on the website;

5.3 All prices mentioned are including VAT, unless otherwise specified. All mentioned prices can be changed without notice. Price changes do not apply to services already used/bought;

5.4 Payment will be made on the way such as on the website is described;

5.5 If the payment is made through a direct debit, the contractor or employer provides for a sufficient bank-- or giro account, so that the amount can be cashed. The contractor or employer is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided, including, but not limited to the account number and ascription. The contractor or employer gives Worldwide Placements permission to collect the full amount by direct debit;

5.6 Worldwide Placements has no registration fees or deposits costs. Worldwide Placements only charges mediation costs. The mediation costs will be charged if the agreement is concluded between the contractor and the employer. The invoice is sent by e-mail to the contractor after mediation. Payment must be made within 14 days after the invoice date, on a type of way given by Worldwide Placements, in the currency invoiced, unless otherwise agreed in writing by Worldwide Placements;

5.7 In case the payment won't be fulfilled within 14 days after the invoice date, Worldwide Placements has the right to charge reminder costs 12 Euro's at a time. If the contractor after the third reminder has not paid yet, Worldwide Placements has the right to involve a debt collection agency to collect the amount of the debt invoice. The extra costs are for the account of the contractor. In the absence of the payment, Worldwide Placements is forced to contact the employer to terminate the contract;

5.8 Advertising costs orders will be directly charged and are only activated after payment;

5.9 Payment by Worldwide Placements charged tariff takes place at the time that the student, trainee or employee agrees with the internship, graduation placement, traineeship or work placement, in case of a match;

5.10 Housing costs, visa, travel insurance, tickets and other matters will be for the account of the student, trainee or employee and cannot be recovered on Worldwide Placements.

5.11 The contractor is never entitled to set off the amount due to him by Worldwide Placements. Objections against the height of the invoice will not suspend the payment obligation. The contractor who is not entitled to claim Department 6.5.3 (the articles 231 to 247 book 6 Dutch Civil RIghts) is not entitled to suspend payment of an invoice for any other reason.

Article 6 – Travel documents

6.1 The contractor is responsible for the right travel documents before starting the service, , such as a valid ID, visa, work permit and proof of the correct vaccinations. Worldwide Placements informs and advises the contractor to see necessary have all the required documents, but the request, payment and getting the documents is the responsibility of the contractor;

6.1 If the contractor is unable to finish the trip, or parts of it, due to lack of the correct documents, all consequences will be the responsibility of the contractor itself.

Article 7 – Termination

7.1 In the event of serious illness or death of a close family member the student may before the start of the service, terminate the agreement. Worldwide Placements will pay back the mediation costs to the contractor. Worldwide Placements should be by means of a written declaration to be informed. Worldwide Placements reserves the right to assess whether the document is sufficient to dissolve the agreement.

7.2 In the event that the contractor after payment of the service fee and before the start of the start date has decided to cancel the mediation due to other causes, it is up to Worldwide Placements in order to assess whether this is a valid reason.

Article 8 – Privacy

8.1 Worldwide Placements is convinced that the privacy of the contractors, employers, as well as of her other relationships and of website visitors is essential. The personal data will be handled and protected with the utmost care, conform to the requirements of the Personal data Protection Act (PDTA) maintains. In our privacy statement we explain which personal data we collect and use, and we explain for what purpose. We recommend you read to these carefully.

Article 9 – Liability

9.1 Worldwide Placements is not liable for any costs or other damages if the match turns out not to be right. This applies to both parties, both from the Contractor and from the employer;

9.2 Worldwide Placements will not be liable for any cost or other damage if the student, trainee or employee after the conclusion of the match will not meet the agreements in whole or in part ;

9.3 Worldwide Placements is not responsible for replacing a student, trainee or employee when these are agreements in whole or in part fails to comply, or when the match turns out to be not the right one;

9.4 Worldwide Placements is not responsible for the search of another internship/ graduate placement, traineeship or work place when the contractor fails to comply with the agreements in whole or in part, or when the match turns out to be not the right one;

9.5 Worldwide Placements has no involvement with the height of the compensation or salary of the contractor. Arrangements in this regard are made between the contractor and employer without involvement of Worldwide Placements. The employer is liable for the compliance of this;

9.6 Worldwide Placements mediates, but is not responsible for the agreements in the contracts that are made between the contractor and the other parties, as well as for not fulfilling the agreements;

9.7 Worldwide Placements is not liable for any costs or other damages if the contractor after the conclusion of the agreement with a party in his appointments, in whole or in part fails to comply; ;

9.8 Worldwide Placements will not be liable for any costs or other damage when a party after the conclusion of the agreement in whole or in part, does not fulfil his appointments;

9.9 Worldwide Placements is not liable for damages, of any kind, created because Worldwide Placements is assumed by or on behalf of the contractor provided incorrect / or incomplete information;

9.10 As stated in our Privacy Statement, Worldwide Placements is not responsible for the misuse of the data by third parties. In case the contractor and/or employer does not keep to the agreements, any costs and other damages arising, will be charged, on behalf of the employer or contractor. Worldwide Placements is completely immune;

9.11 Included in this article limitations of liability do not apply if the damage is due to wilful misconduct or gross negligence of Worldwide Placements;

9.12 If Worldwide Placements should be liable, then this liability is limited to what is regulated in this provision, up to a maximum of € 250,-. Also here we would like to emphasize that it is up to our service to seek together for a solution if it's not going as agreed.

9.13 The contractor is responsible for taking out insurance such as medical expenses, visa, legal liability, et cetera.

9.14 The employer is responsible for creating the correct working conditions;

9.15 When there is a complaint about the work of Worldwide Placements this should be filed as soon as possible, within 2 weeks, to Worldwide Placements, after which the complaint will be taken. When the complaint is received, Worldwide Placements will undertake action

Article 10 -Intellectual property rights

10.1 The intellectual property rights relating to the website and the services, as well as the information which has been made accessible through the website, such as texts, photo material, videomaterial, brochures are owned by Worldwide Placements and/or its licensors.

10.2. In respect of the by the employer and posted on the web site content, provides the employer free to Worldwide Placements, worldwide, irrevocable, sub-licensable and transferable right to use this content to publish and simplify to the extent in the framework of the provision of the service required.

10.3 It is not allowed to add any information that is made available through the website, to copy, change, download, to disclose to the public or for direct or indirect commercial purposes, or for any other purpose to use. Unless Worldwide Placements or to mandatory Dutch law, such use allows.


20.1. All agreements to which these conditions have been declared are applicable to contracts and which ones are a result, only Dutch law is applicable.
20.2. All disputes arising out of or related to agreements made under these terms or agreements which are a corollary, will be made only before the competent court in the district in which the Contractor is established.